Providing organized recreation for Brookline NH youth, while teaching fundamental and advanced baseball / softball skills.

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When is registration open for Baseball?

Registration for the Spring Season opens in January and closes just before Assessments in early March.  Registration for the Fall Season opens in August.  All Registrations are taken online on this site.

Every year parents find out about registrations after rosters have been set or after the season has started.  We try to accommodate late requests but please understand that planning for teams, coaches, equipment, uniforms and fields happens without accounting for late arrivals.


What level should my player sign up for?

League age is determined as your players age on 30 April.  T-Ball is for ages 5-6, Rookie is for ages 7-8, Minors is for ages 9-10, Majors is for ages 11-12, and Babe Ruth is for ages 13-15.

Players may request to “play-up” into the next level if they are younger than the normal cut-off.  All players expecting to play in Rookies, Minors, and Majors are assessed before the season starts and not all play-up requests will be successful.


What is the policy for play-up requests?

The player must meet all five of the following criteria:

  • Must be requested by the parent/guardian.
  • Must have played at least one year in the "age appropriate" level.
  • Must attend assessments for the higher level and be near average.
  • Must attend assessments for the "age appropriate" level and be near the top.
  • Must be an open roster spot in the higher level.


Can a team occasionally use substitute players?

Yes.  During the regular season there may be times when a team does not have enough players to fill their lineup.  Teams may use a player from the opponent’s team or from the next lower level.  Substitute players cannot pitch.

  • Call-up players must assess near the top of their regular level. For example, only the highest rated Minors can be called up into Majors.

  • Coaches will favor their regular roster players over call-ups. For example, call-ups will neither bat leadoff nor play first base.


What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee goes toward uniforms, equipment, umpires, game supplies, and more.  Annual fundraising and local sponsors reduce registration fees.


May I request a team for my player?

During the online registration process you may request certain coaches and/or teammates for your player.  These requests will almost always be honored for T-Ball and Rookie levels.  However, Minors and Majors players are drafted by Head Coaches and team equity may override your request.


What is the process for assigning players to teams?

Majors/Minors.  All Majors and Minors players receive a numeric rating at assessments.  The league hosts a player-draft where the goal is to distribute talent equally among all teams.  Each team sends a Head Coach and one Assistant Coach to the draft so each team starts the draft with at least two players on their roster.  When a player is drafted the team’s cumulative score is increased by that player’s rating.  Whichever team has the lowest cumulative rating is “on the clock” for the next pick.  Teams may end the draft with an unequal share of Brookline and Hollis players and parent special requests are often not accommodated.

  • Team A has 2 players with rating of 7 and 6 so their cumulative score is 13. Team B has 2 players with rating of 6 and 5 so their cumulative score is 11. Team B is “on the clock.”

  • Siblings are drafted together and both scores are added to the cumulative total.

Rookie.  The T-Ball/Rookie coordinator uses the assessment scores to distribute talent equally among teams.  The coordinator will balance each team equally with players from Brookline and Hollis.  Parent special requests are almost always accommodated.

T-Ball.  The T-Ball/Rookie coordinator uses the registration data to balance each team equally with players from Brookline and Hollis.  Parent special requests are almost always accommodated.

Rosters are final once they are posted to the website.  Rare exceptions will be made at T-Ball and Rookie levels due to schedule constraints.  Minors and majors can play and practice any day of the week so schedule constraints are not a factor.


When does the season start and end?

The spring season lasts from mid-April to early June.  All-Star season lasts from June through July.  Fall Ball lasts from September through October.


How many games and practices will my player have each week?

T-Ball has 1 Saturday game each week and 1 practice on a weeknight.  Rookie has 1 Friday/Saturday game each week and 1 practice on a weeknight.  Minors and Majors have about 3 events per week, usually 2 games (one on Saturday) and 1 practice.  There are no regular season events on Sundays (excluding rain make-ups).


Where are games and practices held?

Rosters at all levels are mixed between Hollis and Brookline players.  Practices and games will also be mixed between fields in both towns: Jensen Field and RMMS in Brookline, and Little Nichols, Nichols, and Waugaman in Hollis.


Are there games and practices during vacation periods?

Usually not.  There are no games and practices during April vacation and the weekends before and after, and none over Memorial Day weekend.


What is the policy for inclement weather?

The towns of Hollis and Brookline may close the fields during periods of heavy rain.  Head Coaches will be notified of closures and will also use common sense and will cancel games/practices if the field is too wet.  If teams hear thunder they will immediately clear the field for 30 minutes.


What equipment does my player need?

All players must have their own baseball gloves.  Bats, baseballs, catchers gear, and batting helmets are provided by the league, but players are welcome to bring their own.  All players must wear groin protection to all games and practices.


What are the fundraisers?

The league buys a block of tickets to a night game with the Manchester Fisher Cats and players are invited to wear their  jerseys and hats and to walk on the field before the game.  The league also conducts a 50-50 raffle during the spring season and pulls the winning ticket in early June.  Team parents will coordinate these events.


What is different about Fall Ball?

Fall Baseball has more games and fewer practices, more local travel, and is also more instructional with almost all play-up requests being successful.  Players who anticipate moving to a higher level in the spring time are encouraged to play Fall Baseball.


How do I provide feedback or ask questions?

Parents should have friendly relationships with their players Head Coach and Assistant Coaches and should feel comfortable discussing any baseball-related topic with them including skills, absences, the team environment, safety, playing time, and more.  If you are not satisfied with the result you may elevate issues to the HBCR board.